We can provide mobile bars of various sizes, various finishes, or even co-ordinate to match your marquee lining. All our bars provide a high quality presentation, and service, with beer served well cooled. We can provide outdoor beer garden area with tables, chairs and umbreallas. We are pleased to offer a range of bar payment systems as follows:

  • Normal cash bar - This is the same as your local pub, where guests pay for their own drinks.
  • Bar Tab - This is where drinks are paid for up to a pre-determined limit. (payable by cash on the day), after which guests then pay for there own drinks.
  • Free Bar - This is where you pay for all drinks in advance. (An estimate will be given when final numbers are confirmed)

Service Hire Charges

  • Fully managed hire costs vary on the size of the event.
  • Parties of 99 people cost £350
  • Parties of 100 to 149 cost £300
  • Parties of 150 to 199 cost £250
  • Parties over 200 cost £200
  • All + VAT at current rate

We are the only operator to offer a 10% cash back
i.e. For every £1,000 you take we will return £100.00. The more your guests drink, the more cash back you get so this could evencover your costs!

Outside bars provide by Town and Country Solutions.